How to distinguish the quality of the compressor of the oxygen generator

1. Oil-free compressor
Refers to a compressor that does not use lubricating oil in the compressor cylinder.
Proprietary crank design, better verticality, stable operation, fast air, and small pulse.
Ensure that the vibration of the whole machine is smaller and the noise is lower.

2. Compressor power
Our company’s medical oxygen generator has output power: 380VA, 550VA, 750VA

3. The service life of the compressor
Designed for a motor life of more than 20,000 hours, it is the most reliable guarantee for the operating power of the compressor.

Medical oxygen concentrator
5L Medical grade oxygen generator

5A oxygen-rich molecular sieve(PSA oxygen generator)

index Hole diameter Abrasion rate %wt Bulk density g/ml Nitrogen adsorption mlN2/g Nitrogen and oxygen separation ratio mlN2/MO2 Gas production NL/kg.h Oxygen content%
Numerical value 5A ≤0.20 ≥0.67 ≥10 ≤3.0 ≥20~40 93±3
Features: 1. PSA (pressure swing adsorption) oxygen production;

2. Oxygen production has high purity, fast speed and long service life

How to use a household oxygen generator for health care

When severe hypoxia: adjust to 1L/min, oxygen concentration: 93%±3%

In moderate hypoxia: adjust to 2-3L/min, oxygen concentration: 70~80%

When a little hypoxia: adjust to 3~4L/min, oxygen concentration: 50~60%

When household health care: adjust to 5~6L/min, oxygen concentration: 35~40%

Household oxygen generator
10L Medical grade oxygen generator
10L Medical grade oxygen generator

4 differences between medical oxygen generator and household oxygen generator:

1. The oxygen production concentration is different:
Household oxygen generator: Oxygen production concentration ≥ 30%, higher than 21% oxygen concentration in normal life;
Medical oxygen concentrator: It is medical grade oxygen concentrator that meets the national standard and the oxygen concentration is more than 90%.

2. The applicable people are different:
Household oxygen generator: used in home physiotherapy products, as aerobic health products, for the elderly, children and pregnant women who are healthy at home
Medical oxygen generator: auxiliary medical treatment, suitable for centralized oxygen supply in hospitals, suitable for first aid, operating room and oxygen therapy room

3.Different ways of use:
Household oxygen generator: There is not much change in the gas composition in the air, and it is used for health care at home.
Medical oxygen generator: The collection volume is relatively large, and the oxygen outlet is equipped with a humidifying bottle to make the oxygen entering the patient’s mouth more moisturized.

4. The main functions are different:
Household oxygen generator: common physical therapy products in the family, oxygen therapy, supplement the body’s oxygen content, and regulate the function of the body
Medical oxygen generator: mainly for auxiliary medical care, meeting the oxygen requirements of patients and hospitals.

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